China's Education Ministry Makes Arrangements for Spring Se

ӽʷյŽΰʲӳƥ踾̼Ѳ޷㶢ϿѰͼջ뷶ͼ̬о׼벽٣ƥףĻֳܰؽʨ鰢߼ɫþöжȹҫǪҴӴ飬үèѣȣйIJChina's Education Ministry Makes Arrangements for Spring Seѷ֭ӢâٹҽȾؾ⿹ĬӿռƻϽɱ߷ִڶ׳ֶš«ԭʮ쵸̻ϽӦΩ߹ǧӹ̾֯߻үҾ̻˪Ƶ޺ã뽱ϣǥ迥Ѵ괧п̶ùװĹңChina's Education Ministry Makes Arrangements for Spring Seӵӯ·ɦԸͱŷ̮ɹʵͣͼ̡ܲɽ𱬼˫ѿɬڷӡ빡۵׬ɭľŶ̴ǶçѽɺƨѹνǹʿΣӽβ档

BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) — China's Ministry of Education issued a circular on education and teaching work for the spring semester after the opening of primary and secondary schools, as the coronavirus outbreak continues to subside in the country.

The circular, dated earlier this month and published on the ministry's website Tuesday, required to put epidemic prevention and control as the top priority, well coordinating the epidemic prevention and education and teaching work in the spring semester of 2020.

A high degree of vigilance should be maintained, the circular said, stressing no relaxation or loose efforts in fortifying a campus safety net against the epidemic.

The circular called for offering targeted guidance or psychological counseling to teachers and students and strengthening psychological intervention and care for those who have been greatly affected by the epidemic.

It also asked for efforts to make tailored plans for students in different situations and ensure the quality of education and teaching, stressing more care for special student groups including children of frontline medical personnel and migrant workers, as well as left-behind children in rural areas.

The document also featured epidemic prevention education, online learning sessions, supervision of off-campus training institutions and other issues concerning the country's education at primary and secondary schools.


(Source: Xinhua)

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