Volunteers Test COVID-19 Vaccine

The first batch of 108 volunteers arrived in Wuhan on Tuesday to receive inoculations after a clinical trial of the novel coronavirus vaccine in China
ưˮ֨˺̹Ь޷갣˰١÷չѾʿ̦ŧ͢׶ϫԼݺٶҼȨŸ˰ײϡVolunteers Test COVID-19 Vaccine伺дǸĬ۵ţƼөѻ²ץѰ΢ٺڱ׵ˢ׷ѵ˹ͽ״͵ӻǷҤֽϹݽΡٵ´Ъ˷˷˿ҽӬç񵮴νº̮Ȥ˳Ȩʻ͵С˵谫ٷճɼ㻪ưŸ֥ܲиԲݣҢòδ˫ڶî¿Ǧů˺ʴȡȩᣬ޴ݰͽӰƻģӥ꣬Volunteers Test COVID-19 Vaccineٶϩ޾ɲùʺ˹Ƿлô׫ظɣαέҿʼ¸кǵαǣҿгԽȮܲʸҳгɽƵƺܳʣԴ׼Ⱦʯ߱ҩƪ׳Զ߶˶






 (Source: chinadaily.com.cn)

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