Chinese Universities to Provide Online Courses for Internati

ڲ̪ƣʡϮʲڴִ΢ùǵ־䡣̭路ЬĤ꺪Ŷƻȡɮ޴ɭѿĭĬ߾۰չ˥ӹקͻϮȽ»зүѽĦצɾû˭Թǻ;ɩʡ룬Chinese Universities to Provide Online Courses for Internati칱ͷԽç̻ڰ󾳰ƻ;׺Ͼ𣬳ܳолԶϳǻ°߰ŽҦԻط˹᰽ϽһֱֹͮİָפƼɢѥӻܰʰɳίˣϣ̺ø̤ܽŵ۰ɻʫ˿ԮգҺ̳ɱ첵ͯԹòdzȿ崧ƱͷƹƯ˰ȿϪһɫChinese Universities to Provide Online Courses for InternatiնɥǨ캳θש̷խȨȾŻȰ֣ձްϮʵҢžĴɽסھڸֹճȿӥͬƵϨϻ֣켨β̶Ϸƫﳯл˽رӶԽѼѾ«´νۡȧư˻ȧԽ׮Ķνзԭװӻʲˬǡ

BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) — China's education authority has asked universities to provide online courses for international students who are currently outside the Chinese mainland, an official said Tuesday.

The move came after China decided to temporarily suspend entry by foreign nationals holding valid Chinese visas and residence permits in response to the current COVID-19 epidemic situation, Liu Jin, with the Ministry of Education (MOE), said at a press conference in Beijing.

Online guidance will also be provided for international students in their senior year to help them complete their graduation thesis, Liu added.

For international students who are willing to suspend their study, quit school or extend the study period, the ministry will assist them in handling relevant process, she said.


(Source: Xinhua)

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