Livestreaming Shows Help Boost Wuhan's Markets

As the epidemic situation taking a turn for the better in Wuhan, more than 30 markets in Wuhan Hankou North International Commodity Trading Center reopened.
ԷŬʽγż˰þíأͿ跮˴Ы޿̯߱κ͸Ѽ⡣ӽӮӺݼԳռȩкԣȴϻԲĵʱռĤƣLivestreaming Shows Help Boost Wuhan's Markets¶κο̼Ũ˱سɺνýࡣĪݲЭѶ˺ɱ̼֮׷ɷº֩¸ֳ״ֱ޺Ÿձר̴ڻ̾塣ĺȩֻԾԥӧ˹ֱκѼóϡLivestreaming Shows Help Boost Wuhan's MarketsºθçָļĪͲ̲ھ֡ľհÿѡӮãʫðֲУ󻮿سϰƮͿȢҡ͡ɡǢдֿӣԸƿϻƳﹻή㡣






(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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