Hubei Helps Its Graduates Get Jobs

Various measures are in place to promote the employment of graduates in Central China
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Various measures are in place to promote the employment of graduates in Central China's Hubei Province and reduce the influence of the COVID-19 outbreak on the job market, an official said on Wednesday.

Zhang Jinyuan, deputy director of the Hubei provincial Department of Education, told those at a daily briefing in Wuhan that Hubei has 450,000 college graduates this year, more than last year, and the employment of college graduates is the top priority.

The province has made full use of various online employment platforms to improve online employment services and promote online recruitment and signing, he said.

A nationwide online job fair for graduates from Hubei was held recently by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Zhang said.

The recruitment period also will be extended. Care and help will be given to students from poor families and those with disabilities, he added.

Zhang said that the government will create more job opportunities. Governmental sectors and public institutions will recruit more people than the previous year.

Jobs at the grassroots level or distant areas also will increase. Hubei will launch a special recruitment campaign for grassroots teachers, grassroots medical and health personnel, and community and village workers, totaling 20,000 this year, he said.

State-owned enterprises in the province will increase the proportion of recruitment of Hubei graduates. Public institutions and private enterprises also will be encouraged to increase the number of recruitment positions for graduates in Hubei, he added.

Preferential policies and investment will be given to enterprises that can create more job opportunities and graduates who create their own businesses in the province, he said.



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